Noemi Lira 

Polyglot and Métis, Canadian mother and Mexican father, Noemí is definitely an international artist. Her curiosity and thirst for discovery led her to travel and work in French, English, Spanish and Valencian. A graduate in drama from the UQAM Theater School (Montreal) and ESAD (Valencia), she completed her training in Body Mime at Omnibus (Montreal), Mexican Folklore at the School of Folk Dance. Macuilxochitl (Tepic) and in contemporary dance in ROAR (Berlin).  


Her artistic plasticity leads her to immerse herself in projects of all kinds: music, singing, dancing, writing or staging. She has a special interest in physical theater and the mixing of forms. Multi-culturality and the fusion of styles and cultures are at the heart of her artistic approach. 


Her last achievements include TIC TAC(Carles Alberola) (MAX Prize for Best Musical 2018), TRASH(Alejandro Jornet), PLYWOOD(Real Bossé) and Lamelles(Cédric Delorme-Bouchard) in theater. On screen she can be seen in Faillir(Sophie Dupuis), for which she won the Award for Best Female Performance (Short Film) at the Fantasia Festival (Montreal), Genesis (Philippe Lesage) and shortly in the webserie Juste nous deux (Blackfilms Productions,

Since 2017, she has fallen madly in love with Johnny (her accordion) and she shares with others her original songs wherever she travels around the world! 

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