Singer-songwriter and accordionist

A musical journey.

International trio. 

Fusion of style, languages and rhythms. 


Chilean-German and Canadian-Mexican explosive duet. 

Flamenco and cumbia. 

Voice and movement. 


Multidisciplinary artwork. 

Creating community and sisterhood. 

Empowering women

Work in progress. 

Film, Theater, Dance and Music 

Here are a few of my last projects: 

> TIC-TAC / Musical (Valencia)

> GENÈSE / Philippe Lesage (Mtl)

> Lamelles / Cedric Delorme (Mtl)

> PLYWOOD / Omnibus (Mtl)

> Faillir / Sophie Dupuis (Mtl) 

Noche de Cantautoras / Mesa Mágica (Medellin)

And more... 

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