Noé Lira

singer, songwriter, dancer, actor, activist, feminist
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About me

I have travelled the world in order to find myself, time and time again.

I have grieved the wounds of my ancestors and began a hard healing process. 

I have fought hard to seek the light, to embrace the darkness, and to embark on a journey of love, self-expression, transformation and sharing. 

Building community and sisterhood is what I work for, with, towards.

I sing for the moon and dance for the sea. My voice is for the birds, the spirits, the ones who cannot scream.

I breathe fire, my two feet always on the ground for I have rooted myself in and with Mother Earth. My body leads the dance, I just enjoy the ride. 

I embrace my femininity, my strength, my power, my wisdom, my body, spirit and soul. 

Until we meet, take good care of yourself.


Love, Noe 



© 2020 Noemi Lira

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